Black Business Relief Grant

Call to Action: $1 Million in 60 Days

When COVID-19 invaded our San Diego community, Black-owned businesses were hit faster and harder than others. An estimated 22,000* Black-owned businesses contribute to the vibrant economic and cultural landscape of San Diego.
*Data is an estimate only based on the combined information from the 2012 Census, business licenses, surveys, social media, chamber tracking.
This data is subject to change as the CSBCC continues to evaluate unreported businesses and business closures.
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What We Are Trying To AchievE

$1 Million in 60 Days

This is a crisis on top of a crisis. Black residents of the County of San Diego are nearly twice as likely as white residents to contract COVID-19. And our businesses, which tend to focus on front-line work in services involving one-on-one contact, were forced to close without viable options to work from home. As a result, after three months of economic disruption, our community needs your support — for the good of us all. Despite the roll out of federal, state, and local efforts to provide support to the small business community, we are being overlooked. Roughly 95% percent of Black-owned businesses are getting shut out of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds. Experience with previous disasters tells us that there will be an exponentially negative impact on disadvantaged businesses if a targeted strategy is not established.

The Black Business Relief Grant will support Black-owned businesses with grants of $250 to $5,000 and be led by community members who will set the criteria and review applications to ensure a culturally-competent process to get funds to those who need assistance. Resources will target small, disadvantaged businesses (including nonprofits) in economically vulnerable communities and/or in the most distressed neighborhoods in the county. The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce will provide technical assistance to help supported businesses make the most of the funding to promote their recovery and resilience.

Building on an initial commitment of $50,000, the Chamber kicked off fundraising on June 10 with the goal of raising $1 Million in 60 days to help black businesses recover, reopen, and rebuild. We will welcome contributions through August 15, 2020. No amount is too small or too large.

Together, we can do this.

Donna DeBerry,

President & CEO 

Central SD Black Chamber of Commerce

We must act now to flatten the economic disparity curve

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The black community is at a critical pivot regarding our health, our businesses and our livelihood. Many of us are experiencing an uncertainty and a discomfort that we’ve never felt before. Some are wondering if systemic change will happen quickly enough to combat historical, discriminatory practices and policies around business loans and grants, the effects of which have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to flatten the economic disparity curve by providing financial support to black businesses.

This will create community economic stimulus and help address inequities around access to capital, unemployment, and technological gaps for black businesses. Without proper intervention, the impacts of COVID-19 could become generational, affecting black and minority communities for decades to come. CSDBCC has developed a blueprint that lays out short and long term strategies to support historically underfunded and underrepresented businesses — those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and socio-economic injustices. 

The plan includes direct funding, technical support, individual counseling, and training geared toward the thousands of businesses that have not been able to access funding resources related to economic recovery from COVID-19.   In a strong display of unity, CSDBCC has put together an alliance of black leaders, businesses and community advocates to address, monitor and provide insights and recommendations related to the Black Business Relief Grant fund. This is an important step in ensuring thousands of businesses don’t get left behind. 

Call to Action: $1 Million in 60 Days 

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